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Rain clouds, warm hue. 

Some studio work.

Red moss, perfect weather, sunset, camera = a good evening.

I went and jumped over some random farmers barbed wire fence at the risk of being shot for this photo…

During my recent trip to Port Alfred, I decided to explore the dunes that stretch over several kilometres. it was a bit disappointing as I expected that not many people would venture so far down the beach, as I did, and destroy the dunes natural state. so I decided to walk to the top of this dune, for some reason. From the point I was standing, It was easily a kilometre walk to the top of the soft beast, so I did it anyway but I left thinking I had shot nothing worth keeping, until I looked when I was back home. I’m pleased.

Shooting with My Mamiya RB-67 on Portra 400 // 2014-06-24 // Somewhere near Rivers Dale, East Coast, South Africa.

My first ever black and white landscape shot.Let me know what you think!

My favourite shot from my first ever roll of 120 film!Scanned the negatives myself, and they clock in with a crazy 120 megapixel average with the Epson V700 scanner, accompanied with an even more crazy 700mb+ file size.But I really love it! so you will see more!